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    Company Strength
       Jiangmen SUNTON Ventilation Equipment Co. Ltd. (abbr: SUNTON) was launched at Feb 2012, with plant areas up to 23000 sq. m., which is the most advanced and specialized factory on ventilation facilities within Jiangmen City, provides conglomerate services on designing, producing and installation ventilation equipment.

    SUNTON is specialized on Centrifugal Fans, the main products are: Cabinet Fan, Air Condition Fan, Exterior Rotor Fan, Special Equipment Fan, Centrifugal Impeller and other ventilation equipment accessories, etc. 

    The performances of all fans and accessories produced by SUNTON were fully tested and certified from the authorized and well-known Laboratory.  Our advanced performance and technology on centrifugal fans, allowing us to achieve a considerable market share with great reputation within MainlandChina, and, as a leader in the same or similar industries.  

    SUNTON always provides consistence and good services on high technologies and good quality accordance with company team spirits.  Always customers foremost, be dedicated in core technologies, to provide the most advanced Centrifugal Fans and accessories.  To achieve company goal to bring out WIN-WIN situation to both SUNTON and valuable customers. 

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    Copyright  ?  2012-2013  JIANGMEN  SUNTON  VENTILATION  EQUIPMENT  CO.,LTD.  
    TEL:+86-0750-6318008、6318777、6318778  FAX:+86-0750-6318783  
    ADDRESS:ChangJiang  industrial  park,WuHe  village  ,daze  town,Xinhui  District,Jiangmen  City,Guangdong  Provice
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